Ipren Song Contest

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Pain killer Ipren had an advertising campaign for some ten years ago, and was loved by the entire Swedish population. In the advertisement the Ipren man appeared - a small man with a costume shaped like a tablet. He walked around and sang and played the "Ipren song". The text of the song was to say the least the most non-lyrical ever written and listed all ailments cured. The Ipren man courted people anywhere, anytime, when they least (or most?) needed him. Totally weird and terribly fun!

Now the company wants to create a new song for the Ipren advertising, and since this spring musicians have been able to submit their entries. The contest is now ended, and the jury will listen through all the thousands of entries submitted. On the 26th of November, the winner will be published. No less than 50,000 SKR is at stake, so there's plenty to fight for!
I contributed with a song called "Bosse Bus". I thought it would reflect the song style, since it sounds like a 12 year old version of myself. I stretched the voice so it would sound like a girl, but the result was a mix of Rasmus på Luffen, Anderssonskans Kalle and Håkan Bråkan.
Ipren has also put together a video for each song, so you can enjoy my contribution HERE!
Wish me luck!