Oldsberg and his glasses

This was a quick job - and I’ve got the chance to work with shape layers again (see previous post). When the 2015 ESC winner Måns Zelmerlöw visited TV4’s Bingolotto, host Ingvar Oldsberg made a joke out of Måns’ performance. In his ESC number there is a animated character interacting with him on stage. Oldsberg showed him his take on the character ( of course created by me ;)). The short clip shows a caricature of Mr Oldsberg himself in his typical mannerism, putting on and off his glasses over and over again.
If you think the picture quality of the clip is a bit crappy, it’s nothing wrong with your glasses. I had to film the computer screen to take it down from TV4’s home page!

Testing Shape layers

A colleague of mine recently gave me a animation tip. It is a tool called Shape layer in After Effects. The only experience I had of Shape layer was that it accidentally popped up by mistake as the old Office Assistant would do in the Windows ’97. It always interrupted your work and you never wanted it’s assistance.
Anyway, Shape layer turned out to be a terrific and creative tool for the making of instructional and educational videos in a more bold manner than a Power point presentation. This video is a pilot project that I put together to learn the tool. It is definitely a tool I’ll teach to my students too!



Hagadagarna is an annual event that takes place in late August. IF Haga is the sports club arranging soccer tournament for children 6-11 years old. For younger and older children as well as adults, there is entertainments such as picnic, barberque, pony riding, lottery, games and fish pond.
I created this ball kicking moniker for this years issue with instruction to make the character as non-gender as possible.
Hagadagarna takes place next weekend - the 22nd and 23rd of August.

Wetterstadens Bryggeri


A new micro brewery will be launched here in Jönköping. The brewery will aim on a local presence in both production and market. I have worked with their logo which is a highly stylized version of the castle that once stood in central Jönköping, and its proximity to the lake Vättern. The idea was inspired of another logo I like very much, namely Håll Sverige rent, representing three spruce tops that are reflected in a water surface.
Stay tuned for the release of Wettestadens Bryggeri’s assortment of beers, but remember to pledge the bottles and keep Sweden clean!

Student films


It has been a busy time the recent weeks at the
Animation School in Eksjö. This year's graduating students in the ES12 has worked hard towards deadline for their graduation films. Eleven movies is now ready for premiere Thursday May 21st at 19:00 at Cinema Metropol in Eksjö. Admission is for free. Welcome!

Bingo Lotto animated

One of TV4’s most viewed shows of all time - Bingo Lotto - has started a new season. It is a Swedish primetime television game show lottery that was first broadcast 1989 on local TV and since 1991 nationwide on the Swedish network TV4. One of the new elements in this season features my animated vignette of the host Ingvar Oldsberg. The style of the animation is very inspired by the 70’s children’s TV show Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter. That was the show who learned a whole generation of kids the alphabet from A to Ö, and how to count to 20. However, in Bingolotto the audience must have learned how to count to a million.