Map of Nässjö

Relief shaped map has been produced for Nässjö kommun. Click here to see the result.

Cabe Caravan

Kabe Caravans brand new leaflet folder contains my 3D modulated vehicles and detail closeups. Animega, Toon factory and myself then traced them into vector graphics before they were ready for print.

Meg & Mog

This years second sound analyse for Happy life moves on to it’s final stage. The charming stories of Meg & Mog - a witch, her cat and owl -
is built on the very successful books by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski.

Bjorn Bear

8 episodes of Sven Nordqvists character Bjorn Bear (in swedish “Nasse”) has been produced for Happy life. Preparation for the lipsync has been done by me and the crew working with “Captain Sabertooth” (see below).dfgdfgdfgdfg

Commercial spots for Öresundsbron

6 x 20 sec commercial spots has been produced for Öresundsbron - the bridge between Denmark and Sweden. Annika Giannini (Animega) directed the clips and animated them in co-operation with Björn Skallström ( Toon Factory) and myself. The films are right now aired on TV4 Skåne, TV4 Halland and TV2 Denmark.

Maxidoor in 3D

Maxidoor, producer of safety doors, is updating their printing material. I have illustrated frontpages and inside visualisations in 3D for the company. Click here to see a sample.

Captain Sabertooth

Sound analyze for Happy life´s feature film “Captain Sabertooth” is now completed. Björn Skallström, Danilo Giannini, Emilie Källberg and myself synced the mouth movements for the characters, so that they matched the dialog.