Merry X-mas

Celebrate the new year's eve by watching the full lenght version of Bjorn Skallström's and my short film Baby 2000 at
Baby 2000 at Youtube.
Merry X-mas!

Like a Surgine

Surgeon Hans Ravn has defend thesis concidering blood clots in knee (popliteal). In his presentation he used animation to show how it works and different methods to operate thru veins stopped by blood clots. Click here to view a sample of the animation I did for the presentation. Note: just for this sample, I have added audio for clarification.


The new site has been updated with several new sections.
The old site is still online at


This is the beta version of my new home page. Stay tuned for updates.


New illustrations for Jordbruksverket. Click here to see a sample.

Out of Your League

Listen to my new song Out of Your League!

Kobra remix at SVT

My remix of SVT1´s culture magazine Kobra was played in their show Monday 19th of March. Listen to the remix and click here!

Music Video

See my music video for OMD´s She´s Leaving!