Even more animation

Me, Björn (Toon factory), and Danilo (Animega) has finnished a information film for Industrilås. To watch the film, simply click here!

New Animation!

NNAB is freshing up their website with a movie showing their position in the heart of Småland, with good connections by train, trailer and aeroplanes. Visit http://www.bonordin.se/oldsite/filmer/0506202.rm to check my animation and music!
(You’ll need
Realplayer to watch the film).

Primetime at P3

I have the pleasure to announce that my cover version of BAO!`s “Du är min man” has been played at prime time on P3.
P3 is the biggest radio channel on Public Service Radio broadcaster in Sweden. It is their humor show “Salva” who had the good taste to adapt the tune in their Tuesday show. Hear the sound clip from Salva here:


A new illustration has been done for NNAB. Jem&Fix wants to establish a store in Nässjö. Click here to see the design!