Swebus Express Animation

A 20 second commercial spot for Swebus Express is now on air. Animega, Björn Skallström and me animated the spot. Click here to see it!

Skara Sommarland

See the new artwork for Skara Sommarland’s new souvenir shop. Me together with Björn and Peter Skallström turned a sphere shaped building into a tropic beach. Click here to see the results.
New technic illustrations been finnished for Nikom. New features for their Speedline filled a 8-paged folder.
Click here to see a sample.

Back Too School!

I am right now teaching students at Högskolecenter ( http://www.iaa.se/ ) and highschool ( http://www.eksjogymnasium.se/ ), both in Eksjö. At Högskolecenter the students learn how to animate for the web while the highschool are into the classic stuff.


From the first of May I am located in Jönköping, Sweden.


“Muffine”, a comic strip project developed together with author Hans Redmo, is featured in the March issue of “Skolvärlden”. Click here to see the comic strip.

The World of Tosh

I am currently working on the 26´x 30 minutes show “The World of Tosh”. Colorpop is the client for me as F/X designer and Checker. The first season is now aired on SVT. Click here to see some F/X design.
Also, Character design of and ant and an owl has been done for Meiro. Their client, skogsskolan, will use them educating children to take care of enviroment.
Click here to see the design.