Happy New 2009

Sailing on the Seven seas - A Happy New MMIX - the Video is now also available on Youtube. It's the original video edited to match the remix. Also, Humping loud & clear - the Video is available on Pat's World of OMD. Pat site dates back to 1995 and has been a growing archive of OMD music, video, footage and interviews ever since. Today he has reworked the site from top to toe and is well worth a visit. Check out Pat's World of OMD!

Merry X-mas

Back in business again - teaching on the animation school again! My part of the making of the Metropia movie is now finnished, and I hope I'll soon can come back with trailer preview and première date.
I have been quite productive musically this autumn/winter putting together one new remix and two mashups. Check out
Sailing on the seven seas - A Happy New MMIX, Kissing on the seven seas - Mashup of Katy Perry and OMD french kissing, and Humping loud and clear - A sweet mashup of Black eyed peas and OMD.
Enjoy, and Merry X-mas and a happy new 2009!


I've done a mashup of Timbaland's (feat. OneRepublic) Apologize and OMD's Tesla girls. Click here to hear the dancing result!

Extended time for Metropia

The work with the animated feature film Metropia will be extended with another two months til the end of November.


Yesterday night I enjoyed the première of the studentfilms at Eksjö Animationsgymnasium. I was very impressed by their work, and a lot has been happening since I last teached there for about four months ago! The programme was filled with sparkling creativity in different genres! See the trailers of their work at Filmtrailers_for_ES05


From February - September I will be working on the feature film Metropia for Atmo film in Trollhättan.
About the film:
The director Tarik Saleh's next film will be METROPIA, an animated feature film for adults. METROPIA is an unique swedish film, animated by digital method, which have reached international attention.
Find out more at