Still alive!

This blog has been left astray for a long time now, but it is not quite dead yet!
I've been busy working as teacher in school with a number of new studies, with the time consuming process of creating exercises for it. Here are some of my own work during the preparation and lessons!

A forest scene in lead pencil.
One of my new studies is Image and Form in which we have begun to test different techniques. We started to go out into the nearby forest and made ​​detailed sketches of the landscape with lead pencil. The focus was on the motif by watching more of the landscape than the drawing.
The next step was to revise the drawing with ink and to simplify the motif. We used an old-fashioned type of ink pen for the line art, and brushes with water to the ink to create grayscale.

The same motif in ink and water.
Finally , we did a watercolor version in full color. We tested the wet-on-wet and dry brush to achieve different effects. The watercolor should have the feel of a fairly rapid implementation, so we made several versions of the same motif. While waiting for the previous image was dry, a new one was painted in the meantime.

Water color version of one of the other landscapes.
Now it's fall break, but I will not have that much free time. This week will be filled with illustrations for Jordbruksverket. So the chance is that there are more landscapes!