Back to the roots

At last my first printed work appeared after 31 years in oblivion. In 1980 I participated in a drawing competition in the comic magazine Bobo and got my troll published. I was of course very proud, and the prize, a t-shirt with a Bobo Scene I tenderly nursed for many years.
The troll bear Bobo was a Swedish comic magazine that was released between 1978-1989. The comic strip was designed and narrated by
Lars Mortimer, who is now more famous for the moose Hälge, who in addition to the appearence in many newspapers also appear on different stuff in the souvenir shops.
Bobo magazine was aimed for younger kids than I was back in 1980, but I was already childish as a child!

I was actually the
No. 1 winner in this comp, and I won a ice hockey game. The t-shirt price must have been in an later comp. Thanks to Anders Skallström for finding the old comic magazine and pointing this out!