Thumbs up from Duran Duran!

Duran Duran 1981.
Lapantafilm has recieved great comments from Duran Duran!
Two of Duran Duran’s classic cover arts from the eighties are are included in
Matthew Chojnacki’s book “Put the Needle on the Record”, the book we have made a promo video for. Rio and I Don’t Want your Love are the single covers taken from Duran Duran, and John Taylor and Andy Taylor’s side project Power Station are also included with the cover art for Communication. On their Official Facebook page they say

”Very cool promo for the book”Put the Needle on the Record (With Nick mention)”

Nick Rhodes is responsible for the afterword in the book, and he sure has his passion for the art work. Perhaps Simon LeBon took this passion one step futher when he got so obsessed of the cover of Rio, so he spent two years trying to find a girl that looked like the woman!

I had heard Girls on film before, but Rio (1983) was the first song I realised was Duran Duran.
And Duran Duran’s passion for girls goes from
Girls on Film to their current Girl Panic. The new video, directed by swedish Jonas Åkerlund, is a true homage to The Girl. Super models such as Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford are replacing the band and tells the story of their career.
I hope some day, we’ll get the opportunity to work with the Wild Boys from Birmingham, preferebly with the same models and budget that Jonas Åkerlund had!