Now & then: Captain Sabertooth

Now: Live action Captain Sabertooth 2014.
Tonight is the premiere for the new Captain Sabertooth movie. Its a matinee adventure with pirates, guns and ships.
Initially it was a theatre show for children developed by the norwegian musician and author Terje Formoe. The Sabertooth brand has grown over the years including books and a amusement park.
This is not the first time for Captain Sabertooth on the silver screen. In 2003 I was involved in the production of a cartoon movie of the captain and his crew. Down here in our “cave” we did the lip synk for the movie. It is not the sexiest work to have in a production like this. Our job was to analyze the soundtrack of the dialogue frame by frame, so that the animators of the film could sync the lip movement of the animated characters.
Then: Cartoon movie of Captain Sabertooth 2003.
We usually got a slice of the dialogue recording of approx 10-15 minutes a week to analyze, and sometimes there was a cliff hanger with unsuspected turns. I remembered it as a well crafted story!
I don’t know what happened to the animated version in the end. It never had a proper premiere here in Sweden. Later on, i’ve heard that Channel 5 had broadcasted it, but nevertheless it was a big flop! I hope this new live action take of the movie is getting more lucky. I think the new trailer looks promising and media is showing more intrest in the movie!