Surfin' the radio waves

Visiting is like traveling back in time. Recorded radio shows from the 1930’s and onwards are uploaded in full, and the 80’s shows Tracks, Metropol, Eldorado and Rakt över disc catches my intrest in particular.
Just hearing the signature songs gives me goosebumps. Some of them have even influential orginators. so80s
Radiogodis featuring radio shows from the eighties. The logo is inspired from the So 80’s collection.
Kaj Kindwall led us thru the iconic pop count down show Tracks. He was the guy who kept a whole generation updated on music from the hit lists all over the world. The signature tune was written by Michael B Tretow, the music engineer that shaped the sound for ABBA. When I first heard the intro of Tracks in 1984, I was totally blown away.
So modern, so cool!
Eldorado was the crazy show without a clear direction. The host Kjell Alinge probably improvised the whole thing and it was all high and low. The intro tune was produced by Rupert Hine. He is not very well known except his 1982 hit The Set Up , but his productions for Howard Jones, Thompson Twins, Bob Geldof, Suzanne Vega and Underworld were probably crucial for their successes in their heydays.
One of my all time favorite radio shows was Metropol. Niclas Levy and Ingvar Storm guided us thru contemporary topics in music, fashion, culture and politics. Spanarna and Göte Johansson was two of the recurrent elements i remember the most. Spanarna is still going strong, and they recently won the Rose dÓr award!
The signature tune of Metropol was performed by Adolphson-Falk. They are most known for the minimalistic Blinkar blå ( Laurie Anderson’s O Superman meets Phil Collins’ In the air tonight ) and Mer jul, one of Sweden’s most well known Christmas songs. The song features a sound collage from Christmas TV shows and recordings, probably influenced later swedish Christmas songs like Triad’s Tänd ett ljus and Just D’s Juligen.
Rakt över disc was a show playing the most popular dance hits during summer time. Hosted by musician and dj Claes “Clabbe” af Geierstam it was the show that got the party started! But I didn’t have time to party. I was too buzy pressing play-rec on my cassette recorder. To crop the music from Clabbe’s nonsence gibberish was almost an impossible mission, since he was talking in the start, middle and everywhere in the songs.
30 years on, listening to the shows at in it’s full context, all his nonsense rap n’ gag is the best part of it all!