Blog's 10 years anniversary - Children book project

Four short stories was done starring the troll Olapack. The books was never officially published.
In the late nineties, I made a few children's stories about a troll named Olapack (do not ask me to explain the odd name, because there is no explanation).
Children's books had interested me for a few years, and fairytale artist
John Bauer was an inspiration at the time. I do not remember if I actually sent any of my stories to a publisher. I saw it more as a long takeoff to get my feet wet, get to know my characters and get a flow in the storytelling.

“Det Spökar på Slottet”. Click to read!
I managed to get together four stories, and "
Det Spökar på Slottet" is probably the most elaborate of them (only available in swedish).
I also learned how to bind books to make the stories
to look like mass produced editions. My interest in making single copies of something to look mass-produced has continued even after - books, vinyl records and Smurf figurines have all been subjected to this treatment. The very few copies of Olapack ended up as birthday presents etc for friends and family.... I guess never will grow up...