OMG - it's OMD again!

“Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)” was one of two OMD single covers included in Matthew Chojnacki’s book “Put the Needle on the Record”.

Me and
Lapantafilm has recieved an early Christmas present from my favorite band OMD. At their official news page they write about our video for Put the Needle on the Record:

“ ... a brilliant stop frame animation advert by Bo Nordin and his wonderful team...”

Speaking of Christmas and OMD, I take the chance to plug my Christmas Rap Version of their come back single If You Want It, that I did last year. It was a part of a remix competition, and my goal with my remix was to be as “out of the box” as possible. The idea to rap over the verses came from two different angles.
The first was the Swedish TV4 show “
Så Mycket Bättre” where music artists from different genres interpret each others songs. Rap artist Petter’s takes of the other artists work was often very different from the original, but still recognizable.

Kid Kudi “Simple As” featuring sample from OMD.
The second influense came from the
Kid Cudy song Simple As that features a sample from OMD’s ABC Auto Industry. His cool rap put over OMD’s very technical vintage beat was a great inspiration to try rap, but my “swenglish” approach on my remix was probably to much for some OMD puritans. Anyway, when it came to number of downloads I was in front, and some might have thought it had some potential after all, like I read in Taoyoyo’s blog for instance. But it didn’t help - The Christmas Rap story ended outside top 10 in the competition!
Anyway, now it’s online again, as well as some other tracks that previously had some broken links on the
Music Page.